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Have you experienced inappropriate sexual or gender-based mistreatment at the hands of someone engaged in a professional capacity? Do you suspect you might not be the only person to have had this kind of interaction with the perpetrator? You've come to the right website! Whether you choose to use I'm With Them or not, you have between four and seven potential options to consider, depending on your specific situation.

Inform Human Resources

Report the perpetrator to their employer's Human Resources Department. In general, the clearer the offense, and the clearer the company's policies, the more likely you will achieve your goal.

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Report Anonymously

Many publicly traded companies have hotlines where you can report misconduct anonymously.

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Advise the Directors' Audit Committee

The Board of Directors' Audit Committee of a publicly held (stock is traded) company usually has a method for reporting misconduct.

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Interview/Hire Attorneys

Depending on how your legal rights have been violated, an attorney may be able to assist you in achieving justice.

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File with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Your experience may warrant an investigation by the U.S. EEOC.

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Notify Law Enforcement

Physical assault and extreme emotional distress are crimes. Placing an obscene phone call is considered a criminal sex offense. If you are a victim of a crime, we offer pointers to resources.

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File a Complaint with Professional Associations

Some professional associations have investigation and enforcement powers. We have a list of such organizations.

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