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Inform Human Resources

The first and most obvious place to report an incident of workplace misconduct is to the Human Resources organization where the perpetrator works. In general, the clearer the offense, and the more clear the company's policies, the more likely you will achieve your goal. It is our intention to provide you with links on this page to appropriate channels of Human Resources at larger companies. Publicly traded companies are supposed to have whistleblower hotlines for reporting inappropriate behavior at work. Again, we hope to place pointers to that information here shortly.

In the past, Human Resources Departments have not always served the interests of those who are mistreated by perpetrators higher in the hierarchy, and especially not if those perpetrators were prominent within a company or considered important by management. Indeed, Human Resources has too often discouraged survivors and victims, even as they are reporting their experiences. Beginning in 2018, under pressure from advocates for social change, many organizations have begun to recognize the need to be more proactive. Reporting to Human Resources is also direct, and you may prefer to not have your name specifically attached to reporting an incident to the company. You have a right to be skeptical, and we suggest you consider carefully which part of Human Resources you feel will be most responsive to your experience.