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Advise the Directors' Audit Committee

Publicly traded companies are governed by a Board of Directors. Increasingly, experts are indicating that directors are potentially more exposed to personal liability if they have failed to provide oversight, failed to implement reporting systems, or intentionally ignored red flags. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is expected to oversee financial reporting and disclosure, which includes adverse events like lawsuits.

In some publicly held organizations, the Audit Committee receives information via the Anonymous Hotline; however, just as often, that information is routed through the Compliance (legal) group or Human Resources. To explore this relationship, find the Company's Code of Conduct online by Googling the company name and "Code of Conduct." Search for the term "Audit" within that document, which may reveal an email address or mailing address for the Audit Committee. Alternately, search for the Board of Directors of the organization. If you can, identify the head of the audit committee, and postal mail a letter to the committee at the company headquarters, marking it
"Confidential- Audit Committee only."