Our Mission:

Reduce work-related sexual misconduct by privately connecting victims who have the same perpetrator, empowering them to take coordinated action.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Directory


  • Intentional, serial, sexual misconduct creates a hostile work environment that directly harms victims.
  • Serial predators seek to isolate victims from one another.
  • Perpetrators know victims are intimidated about publicizing and reporting their experiences.
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  • We authenticate you are who you say you are.
  • You privately identify the perpetrator.
  • You privately characterize your experience(s) with that person.
  • We and you wait for critical mass to build around the perpetrator.
  • If critical mass occurs, we share email addresses between you and others with the same perpetrator.
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  • Your information is held privately.
  • You communicate directly with others, without an intermediary.
  • You determine how to reach out and meet with others.
  • You control how much of your experience you wish to share.
  • You choose whether to take action separately or together.
  • You support others with similar experiences.
  • You turn your experience into a powerful tool for social good, reducing sexual misconduct.
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